Sports are a favorite activity for some people in order to maintain and care for physical health and mental sanity. “Mensana in corpore sano” is the Latin expression that means in a healthy body there is a sane soul. There are various types of physical activities that can be called sports, both ranging from light activities such as cycling, leisurely walking, and exercising, to strenuous sports such as swimming, lifting weights, soccer and so on.

On Wednesday, May 15, 2015, starting from 06.00 to 09.20 all 11th graders of MA Al Irtiqo go for a sports tour at a sports center in the city of Malang, namely Rampal Sport Center. Accompanied by two teachers, namely Jimal Arrofiqi, S.Pd as a teacher of Physical Education, Sports and Health and Putra Adi Wijayana, S.Pd as a teacher of English subjects, the grade 11 students were given the opportunity to exercise as much as they wanted. For male students accompanied by Physical Education, Sports, and Health teachers, get swimming coaching, how to position and posture in swimming correctly. As for the grade 11 female students, accompanied by an English teacher, warming up and jogging around the running track at the Rampal Sport Center.

At the end of the sports activity, all students receive a Report Text material delivery from Putra Adi Wijayana, S.Pd as an English teacher. With this, each student gets a project assignment in the form of an activity report text. So, all activities at the Rampal Sport Center today are part of multi-disciplinary learning or cross-disciplinary learning, from which these two subjects are drawn the meeting point of application and importance in everyday life.

One of the male students from class of 11-1, Lu’ay Taufiqurrahman has said “Today’s outing class learning was very fun, exciting, and tiring. Many valuable lessons can be learned from today’s outing class. My hope at MA Al Irtiqo’ is to hold more frequent outing classes.”

For information, Rampal Sport Center is located on Jalan Jendral Sudirman, which is an Army national defense training and education area, or referred to as DODIK BELANEGARA. Every day both civilians and members of the military do a lot of jogging, running, swimming, playing basketball, football and tennis. The atmosphere in this place is quite cool in the morning, and there are many vendors of delicious drinks and food.

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